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Spheros's business philosophy is to provide you with comprehensive service. Spheros GmbH's continued internationalization has resulted in increased demands for on-site assistance. To react to changing demands and to continuously increase and ensure the satisfaction of our customers, we dedicate ourselves actively to providing you with the international assistance you expect. Spheros's high level of quality service for its products is guaranteed in all countries - regardless of the production site for plants and machines.

You expect a lot from our products - you should expect the same from our service!


The Spheros North America Service Network spans across the United States and Canada. Your products are maintained and serviced by authorized service centers and trained shop employees. To continue guaranteeing, and improving our service partners' qualifications and scope of technical knowledge, Spheros offers continuous training and workshops.


Spheros North America has strategically located three installation facilities less than five miles from three major bus manufacturers. Staffed with trained certified technicians executing proper installations our customers enjoy optimal performance, best lifespan, efficiency, and comfort.


We provide comprehensive technical literature for our products. This is where all service-related documents and information required for identifying parts can be found. Simple ordering processes and high parts availability guarantee fast and reliable deliveries. Our after-sales service and extensive parts inventory is your reassurance you made the right decision in choosing Spheros products.



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