The all-electric REVO ®-E rooftop unit for hybrid, electric, and trolley buses is characterised in particular by intelligent energy management, i.e. demand-oriented production of cool air depending on the available energy, and special compressor integration. The extremely compact electric compressor is located on the roof and not, as hitherto, at the rear of the vehicle. This has obvious advantages and due to the integration of all refrigerant-conducting components the closed system is more efficient, leak-proof and virtually maintenance-free.

Product advantages

  • Controllability and intelligent integration of all electrical components
  • Demand-responsive cooling output depending on available energy resources
  • Integration of the compressor into the air conditioning unit
  • Patented vibration isolation of the compressor
  • Low maintenance costs due to hermetically sealed refrigerant circuit
  • Off-board power supply possible
  • Cooling of traction battery possible
  • Suitable for hot countries
  • Use as a heat pump possible
Cooling capacity
Heating capacity
Air volume
Current consumption (24 V DC)
Current consumption (600 V DC)
(length x wide x height in mm)
Single unit Articulated / double
(Master & Slave unit)
25 kW 31 kW
40 kW 80 kW
6960 m³/h 13920 m³/h
Maximum (1)
Nominal (2)
Regulated (3)
85 A
55 A
11 A
140 A
90 A
17 A
Maximum (4)
Regulated (5)
22 A
9 A
22 A
11 A
258 kg 258 kg + 118 kg

2800 x 2091 x 406

Master unit: 2800x2091x406
Slave unit: 2600x2077x210

(1) all 100%
(2) condenser 80%/evaporator 70%
(3) temperature of passenger compartment at setpoint
(4) compressor speed at 50 Hz
(5) temperature passenger compartment at setpoint 25°C and ambient 35°C